Thursday, 18 June 2009

In the Rabbit Run

I know a lot of us are animal lovers so thought you might like to see my rabbit run .

A long time ago now I was reminiscing about my childhood and always having a rabbit in the garden so my hubby came home with 2 rather fat old rabbits for me. A week later both of these rabbits gave birth to 11 babies each................... and I had 24 rabbits !!!

One of the mothers was so stressed by the move that she wouldnt feed her babies so I hand reared them and that was it I was hooked on rabbits ! There was much rehoming but I ended up with 9 rabbits . As they grew old and died I took in a couple of waifs and strays and now have just 4 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs in the run. My two 8 year old boys Muffin and Billy are both practically pensioners now but their 2 year old girlfriends keep them on their toes. Tinker is a very affectionate and friendly little soul but pixie is a special little rabbit whos doesnt get along with humans. I found her cowering in a pet shop very distressed and felt so sorry for her I had to buy her. She gets along great with the other rabbits but is very frightened of humans and is even wary of me at feeding times. She is the worried looking one sitting under the seat bless her . I'm so glad I brought her home though ans shes very happy here.

I plan to carry on rehousing unwanted rabbits. Unfortunately there are a lot of them and it makes me so sad knowing some rabbits spend their lives alone in a hutch without much attention at all . Rabbits are very sociable little beings who love to cuddle up with each other. They wash each other ( mine sit in a tight circle with each frantically washing the next one, it is so cute !) and generally just like to hang out with each other ! They also love space to kick up their heels and go wild once in a while ! My guinea pigs were rescue pigs and one is totally blind with the other having limited vision so they dont get to share the run but usually rabbits and guinea pigs get along famously .

I also have three cats, two of those strays I rehomed , I will post some photos of them another time .........

julie xxx


Debie Lyons said...

Thats some rabbit run Julie. They are lovely bunnies. We have 4 now and they are great. I used to keep piggies too, I think Julie Jak has got some. We are downsizing our lot and when they go over the rainbow, no more but its great to know that there are lovely people like you to take in the waifs :O)
Debie xxx

Sassy M said...

Julie, they are so cute!

The daughter of a co-worker of mine has several rabbits and she's told me how stressed they can get. I never knew that before.

The first one her daughter raised was for a 4H club and when she found out it was to be sold . . . . she made her step-father purchase it at auction. It was one very expensive rabbit.

I cringe everytime Easter comes around thinking about the many rabbits (and baby ducks) that will be given to children and then forgtten.

Thank you for caring for those that have been forgotten or abandoned.


julie campbell said...

Oh Marsha I can imagine how your friends daughter felt.
I worry a lot about pet shop rabbits. If baby rabbits are handled regularly they grow accustomed to human contact and are very friendly but a lot of baby rabbits arent handled at all and then taken from their mothers directly to the pet shop where the stress and shock can take a terrible toll on them. I too cringe at easter , I think that sales of any animals around easter and xmas should be stopped , it would save a lot of little lives.
My old boys wouldnt take kindly to any more playmates but when they have lived out their little lives I will be rehoming 4 from the local shelter . It gives me so much joy to just watch my little rabbit family !
Debie I know your four will be living happy little lives too :0) and youre right Julie Kendal has some very happy little ones too :0)
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wow that must take some cleaning out!!! Dont envy you that job but do envy you the bunnies, miss ours that died a year ago. I had one that we called the Devil bunny.We bought what we thought were 2 girl bunnies and found out while they were 'having fun' they were a boy and girl, so we had him 'done'. NOT a good idea, he turned really agresssive, i remember him sitting on my chest and all of a sudden he pounced for my throat, and was always thumping on me viciously. He wasnt a nice temperament anymore, but we still loved him in his boisterous ways and just had to learn to put the food in quick and get your fingers out readily!!! lol Kate xx

Kim said...

How lucky that you gave Pixie a good home where she is not forced to do anything she doesn't want to do. They are beautiful babies- the rabbits and guinea pigs! Lucky to have a caretaker that loves them so much!

Creager Studios said...

Wonderful Wonderful Rabbit Run... lucky little wabbits!!!
"Fuzzy Wuzzy Rest" ... "Snuggle Bunny Inn" ...I would enjoy very much sitting on the bench and petting the bunnies...


Debbie said...

Beautiful Bunnies Julie. So glad they've got a wonderful home with you. They all look very content..x

MiniKat said...

What a great run! I wish I had enough outside space to make an outdoor play area for our buns. The weather here is way to extreme to leave them out all the time, so they live in the house with us. We do take them out on leashes for sunshine and fresh grass though.

I wish our bunnies got along like yours do. They loathe each other to the point of blooded combat. Needless to say they have to take turns running around the house. And when one is out playing they will go harass the other through the cage walls.

Like your Pixie, our 'Bert was a rescue from a sad pet store. He had been traumatized by small children banging on the walls of the cage there. The poor thing is still terrified of humans and he's been with us for two years. He is slowing improving though. Now he demands his food dish at night! :-)


julie campbell said...

LOL kate you do get bunnies like that, glad you figured out a way to get along with him !

Thanks Kim, Pixie is a little sweetheart even if I dont get to cuddle her :0)

Jodi, I love to sit in the run on warm days with a bok, the buns are very curious and like to sit near me and tug my skirt :0)

Thanks Debbie, I think they are beautiful too :0)

Minikat, most buns do hate each other at first and it can take quite some time to introduce new ones to the run with supervised play sessions. I can recommend a water pistol to shoot them with when the fur flies LOL no matter how much they dislike each other at first though they usually become firm friends and then are inseperable. If any of mine are ill and need medicine the others form a bunny guard to "protect" them from me administering the evil pills !!
julie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Julie, forgot to say we have an award over on our blog for you, yes another one!! lol Kate xx

June said...

Julie, It is wonderful to see the little rabbits I have been writing about for so many years. They are little beauties :0)
Love June x

MiniMadWoman said...

What a wonderful rabbit run full of wonderful little rabbits!

I had a rabbit once when we lived on our acerage. It took some time, but he really became a good friend and was a great snuggler. I miss that little guy!

Thanks for sharing!


julie campbell said...

Thanks Kate !
Hello June, I took these photos to send to you and then decided to share them with everyone :0)
Hello Teresa, rabbits really do make great little friends dont they . Theres nothing like a cuddle from a friendly bunny, and I love the little dance they do when they are just joyous to see you :0)
julie xx

Doreen said...

I love animals and the rabbits are so adorable. We had rabbits when the children were small but they kept getting out and eating my neighbours garden. Thanks for sharing them.

Joanna Thomas said...

Your a good soul Julie. I love the rabbits and what a dear you are to take on the one that was so frightened. I am sure he is very happy in your wonderful area for them!