Tuesday, 10 November 2009

IGMA Artisan

Well I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I recieved my email from I.G.M.A today to let me know I have attained artisan status !

It has took all afternoon for it to sink in as it something I have wanted for a long time and I worked very hard to attain. I tried a few years ago when I was still fairly new to dollmaking and my confidence outweighed my talent...........

This time I kept it quiet and sent in my dolls this october . I have been on tenterhooks since and hardly slept a wink last night waiting to hear the results. I dont think I will sleep tonight either as I am too busy floating on my cloud LOL

Anyway here are two of the dolls I sent along, I have posted these pics before but didnt mention what they were for . I also sent Belle to go with the beast, the good witch and a little ghost girl .
I will be having a quiet celebration tonight with my lovely husband who has been such a support while I was working hard on my dolls and who put up with me while I have been so tense waiting to hear from IGMA !
julie xxx