Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A wonderful gift and The Grand Studio Tidy Up for 2012 !

The most wonderfully packaged parcel arrived to cheer me up this january , it certainly chased away the winter blues ! I was delighted to win Rose's giveaway
just before xmas and even more delighted when Pickering arrived at my home !
Now the xmas decorations are all packed away but I couldnt bear to pack Pickering away so have decided he may live in my studio ( AKA the shed ! ) and now he hangs over my work desk to keep me company .
I think he looks very fine there !
In honour of the new year I decided to give my shed a complete tidy out. In the few years I have worked in there I have gradually amassed more and more " stuff " , it just seems to accumulate !
More and more storage boxes have crept in and now there is barely any space left for me , but its still my favourite place to be .

You can see not an inch of space is wasted ! A mixture of old junk furniture and ikea stoage boxes line the walls, I even have a small chest on the hearth now next to my stove.....

Lucckily I work in miniature as my desk too is lined with storage drawers. I love it as everything is at my fingertips , and I have natural light from the window as well as my daylight lamp.

This little oven fires all my sculpts and the cushion on the floor is for my puppy, although she can usually be found curled in the wicker chair !

More storage boxes sit on the old sideboard which is topped by a glass fronted notice board rescued from and old working mans club . I had intended to paint this cream and line it with pretty fabric, one day perhaps but for now it is in its original state and a fine place for my antique postcards and gloves to hang .
I have been working happily in my newly tidied shed and have some wonderful new characters who I will post about soon.

Until then I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year !

julie xxx