Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The old fisherman

I have just finished work on this lovely old fisherman who will be on my table at brentwood fairs, Edingburgh next sunday 15th April.

I really enjoyed making the little setting for him. he isnt attached to it at all, he is sitting on a barrel but could be just as happy sitting in a miniature pub having a wee dram after his hard day or in a miniature seaside cottage !

He has a lovely old character face. I find these days i get a lot of joy sculpting old souls !

Here you can see the barrel and his old rope next to the pebbles . The shingle on the base has tiny sea shells dotted around just like a real shingle beach !

In the first photo you can just see the seagull....... this old fisherman has enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips and the leftovers are behind his barrel........the seagull has settled behind him where he cant see to enjoy a little fish and chips ! This special touch to the scene was made by the lovely mags of Magsnificent Miniatures :0)

Hope you like this little vignette !

julie xxx


Garden of Miniatures said...

Just perfect, love this charming old man! Jeannette

Julia said...

He is lovely Julie, I love his kind old, sun worn face and the seagull touch is wonderful :0)
Julia xxx

The Old Maid said...

Really charming doll, Julie!

Jain Squires said...

He has a wonderful face. Love his cable knit jumper. xx

Rosethé said...

superbe vieux marin !
Tous vos personnages ont une âme.

esen said...


MinisOnTheEdge said...

He looks Wonderful Julie! Such a sweet face full of stories to tell!

Debbie said...

He's lovely Julie. Can just imagine him telling a Fisherman's Yarn or

Minnie Kitchen said...

wow! he is amazing!!

Maria said...

He is so very lovely, i am sure he is not sitting on your stand for long.
I wish you a Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much better in real life. His eyes twinkle although his eyesight obviously isn't all it was. Well he is getting on in years. The seagull is such fun and it is sitting in the lid of the fish and chips takeaway box just waiting to gobble down what is left.
I would say he is up there amongst the best.
He is absolutely perfect in every way.

Paula said...

He was lovely I saw him at the fair but he was snapped up quickly so didn't get a really good look. I think I may have been tempted by him lol All your dolls were wonderful I loved the flying witch too!

dollhouse miniature said...

He is wonderful. I can smell his fishy stink already! It is so hard to find character dolls.

mijbil said...

Wow, he looks a little bit like Hemingway! :)