Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The old fisherman

I have just finished work on this lovely old fisherman who will be on my table at brentwood fairs, Edingburgh next sunday 15th April.

I really enjoyed making the little setting for him. he isnt attached to it at all, he is sitting on a barrel but could be just as happy sitting in a miniature pub having a wee dram after his hard day or in a miniature seaside cottage !

He has a lovely old character face. I find these days i get a lot of joy sculpting old souls !

Here you can see the barrel and his old rope next to the pebbles . The shingle on the base has tiny sea shells dotted around just like a real shingle beach !

In the first photo you can just see the seagull....... this old fisherman has enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips and the leftovers are behind his barrel........the seagull has settled behind him where he cant see to enjoy a little fish and chips ! This special touch to the scene was made by the lovely mags of Magsnificent Miniatures :0)

Hope you like this little vignette !

julie xxx