Monday, 1 October 2012

October the 1st........must mean time for Autumn Cleaning !

It has been a busy Summer and Cynthia,  my beloved boudoir doll mascot who lives in the shed where I work, seems to be looking a little reproachfully at the mess that is my shed ....
I darent post a photo of the rest of it, at least Cynthia's spot is always pretty and tidy, she demands nothing less !
Some people like Spring cleaning but I have always preferred Autumn cleaning.
The minute there's a sniff of Autumn in the air I seem to get a new lease of life. So its out with the old and in with the new for me as I start to get everything cosy for the colder days to come and make plans for new dolls to celebrate my favourite time of year.
With Hallowe'en on the horizon and Christmas following not too long after I have plenty of inspiration.
The only trouble is the garden is in as much need of an Autumn clean as the rest of the place . There are leaves everywhere and lots of tidying up to do outside.
I also have an Autumn resolution, why save all the resolution making for new year ?
I have promised myself to try to make a weekly blogpost........... I'm not sure how long this resolution will last but I have good intentions !
So now its decision time, do I go get on with that cleaning or do I take advantage of this beautiful autumn day and go kick some piles of leaves ?
julie :0)