Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year !

It is the last day of 2012 . Tomorrow we will wake to a new year , a fresh start with plans and dreams and maybe some resolutions to keep !
As a child I used to find this time of year sad. Christmas was over after all the excitement of Santas visit  , soon the tree would be taken down and there would be nothing to look forward to until Easter. I used to feel sad that the year had gone and I would have to remember to write a new year in my excercise books when I returned to school, such a bother  !
 These days I relish this time of year. I love the fresh clean slate feeling and am full of optimism for the new year stretching ahead of us and full of possibilities.
2012 was a bittersweet year for me . I lost my younger brother in April and  some of my beautiful old pets crossed the rainbow bridge over the year, then very recently an old friend passed away, so there has been a lot of sadness .
There were also some wonderful moments shared with family and friends, a trip to Disneyland, Paris with my grand daughters and enjoying the wonder on their faces ! simple pleasures like picnics in the woods  , days out with friends, growing things in the garden with my grand daughters ,brightened up the year  .  I visited the SIMP show in Paris with a good friend and it was a treat to see such wonderful miniatures and not be behind the table for once !
Of course I also made dolls ! I  exhibited at fairs in Scotland , Birmingham and London meeting old friends and customers and also making new ones. 
I was invited to exhibit at a fair in germany in 2013... I will tell more about that in the new year
I put together a book to celebrate my first ten years of doll making and was thrilled each time I sold a copy !! 
I was also delighted to have one of my dolls featured on the cover of a magazine as the year drew to a close.
It was a year of real ups and downs and now it is almost over.
I know like me some of you have also had a bittersweet 2012. Some have had a good year and some have had a bad year, but  however 2012 was for you I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2013.
May the new year bring you health , happiness,  love and laughter.
May there be more sunshine than rain and a silver lining in every cloud.
Happy New Year !

julie xxx