Wednesday, 19 June 2013

"H" is for Humpty !

 Meet Humpty ! A teeny tiny Humpty perfect for any miniature nursery or Toy Shop .

Every now and then its good to make something completely different and much as I love working on my 12th scale dolls I have a real penchant for  miniature toys and have been playing around in the shed for the last few weeks making some that I will sell alongside my dolls at upcoming fairs.  

As with my 12th scale dolls I dont use molds so each tiny toy is unique , as you can see with these two little humpties !
I have also been working on some other tiny treasures which I will show soon.
For now hope you like these little Humpties,  I like them so much that one is already residing in my own miniature toy shop !
julie xxx


Julia said...

Aww, he is lovely Julie. I adore your toyshop and all your wonderful toys inside xxx

Steinworks said...

they're very cute and I love your toy shop.


Diane Costanza said...

They are just adorable! And yes, change is always good. It brings new ideas in ways you don't expect.

julie campbell said...

Thanks Julia :) they are such fun to make I will definitely be making more !
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Thank you so much Marisa
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Thank you Diane and yes I agree, have a head full of tiny ideas right now !
julie xx