Saturday, 20 July 2013

Alice grows up !

Despite our unexpected British heatwave I have been busy in the shed working on some new dolls for the Autumn shows.  Its always the case that I spend the winter months sculpting Spring and Summer dolls and the summer months sculpting Halloween themed dolls and Santa Claus ! 
One thing I love to make all year round are marottes. Playing around with the clay I created an ever so cute White Rabbit marotte and couldnt resist making a Mad Hatter to go with him .
Of course this got me into a Wonderland frame of mind and I realised I had never made an older Alice doll.

This Alice is almost, but not quite, grown up.  sweet sixteen but still believes in fairytales and other worlds that may lie just behind the looking glass.......

I hope you like my latest creation !
I also hope you like the new look blog, I have finally got round to tweaking it a bit and will be adding some new gallery pages soon.
julie xxx