Saturday, 24 August 2013

Merlin - A Magical Medieval Commission

I  have been rather caught up in a very special commission for the last few weeks.
I haven't been on facebook much, havent had much time to blog and in fact have hardly left the shed !
A lovely customer of mine decided some months ago to create a project based on the BBC television series " Merlin" and I was delighted when she asked me to recreate seven of the characters in 12th scale miniature form.
Finally I can unveil them , I think they are worth all the hard work over the last few weeks and I hope those of you reading this who have also watched the tv series will enjoy seeing my versions of the characters !

The Great Dragoon
King Uther
Arthur and Guinevere
The whole group all together
I am looking forward to seeing these dolls when they are settled in to their new setting.
It has been very enjoyable working on this group and now I am  busy working on some dolls for my next show which will be Miniatura in Birmingham in just 4 weeks time .... this summer I have mostly been in my shed but at least i have been having fun there :)
julie x