Friday, 2 August 2013

Two little witch girls

It may only be August, but my mind is firmly fixed on the Autumn shows and lately I have been thinking about Hallowe'en
These two little country witches wouldnt scare anyone, but they are very cute  !

Both these little ones were just 4 inches tall without their hats. Like most of my dolls they have poseable arms and legs and each coms with a discreet display stand.
Both little witches will be for sale on my table at Miniatura this September.
julie x

2 comments: said...

Lol this witch is cute i mean there is no witch that have so much cutness. I will love to buy this witch lol. It will be a real horror one.

Science Conference said...

Both of these dolls are so cute. They don't look scary at all. I don't think they are fit for halloween.