Sunday, 10 November 2013

Count Down to Xmas begins with Kensington Dolls House Festival !

November has begun and my countdown to Xmas always starts after my birthday on the 1st .
Santa is busy counting the good boys and girls, and I am busy counting the days till the Xmas Kensington Festival on November 30th , when I really begin to feel xmassy :)

This particular santa sold at the Apeldoorn fair last month , but I am busy working on a very special Santa who will be on ,my table at Kensington.

I will also have a Santa in my Etsy shop today,  for those that cant make it to the shows !
Apeldoorn fair was very good for me and I sold lots of dolls so have spent the last few weeks beavering away in the shed making new dolls . As yet I havent had a chance to take photographs but I have quite a festive theme running through my display so if you are coming to the festival be sure to pop along and say hello . I hope my new dolls will bring a smile to your face  !
julie xxx