Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Downton Abbey dolls , Spring Miniatura

I'm looking forward to Spring Miniatura at the Birmingham NEC this weekend .
I have been working on some Downton Abbey inspired dolls for my table.

Anna is one of my favourite characters so I really enjoyed making my miniature version !

I couldn't make Downton characters without making the Dowager herself Violet Crawley  .

Lady Mary was another  must make .

I have a lot of other characters on my table , so I hope if you are visiting you will pop over to my table and see all my new dolls .
This weekend is also Mothers day , and I am delighted that I will be able to spend it with my daughter as she is my helper for the weekend :)
My daughter  has made some wonderful little toys that will be on my table , her work is incredibly fine and tiny and I am the proud owner of some of her miniatures.
If you wont be at the show I hope to post some pictures on my return.
Julie x


Kikka N said...

wow, you have done stunning work!
I am sure your works will be a succes in the show!

Steinworks said...

I love downton abbey and your dolls look just like the charactors. I think my Favorite is the Dowager Countess, I think you'll do well at the show with these doll, theyre great!


Ara said...

They're all amazing but you captured Anna perfectly! Her expression is so sweet!