Monday, 31 March 2014

Pirate Ghost Doll Giveaway !

Every once in a while I totally indulge my imagination and make something weird and wonderful !

This Pirate Ghost was made in one of my indulgent moments and although he has been much admired he still hasn't found a home. Of course ,as most of my dolls end up living in dolls houses, you can see why it may be hard to find a place for him !

So I have decided I will give him away to anyone who has a vivid imagination and feels they can give him a good home.
If you think this is you then please enter the giveaway.
All you have to do is come up with a name for this Pirate. He was a Pirate Captain before his ship hit rocks and was sunk. He was half eaten by piranha fish before he drowned in his valiant struggle to swim to shore. ( this is why he has no lips and his teeth and some skull are visible )
Now he stands guard for eternity by his sunken treasure chest. The wooden chest is filled with treasure and set on a base decorated with sand, coral and real seashells. I carved a half a ships wheel to set in the sand and there are the remnants of the jolly roger flag behind the chest.

To enter simply comment on this blog, or leave a comment on my FB page telling me what you think the Pirate Ghost should be named .
The winner will be drawn  on Sunday 6th April , good luck !
Julie xxx