Monday, 31 March 2014

Pirate Ghost Doll Giveaway !

Every once in a while I totally indulge my imagination and make something weird and wonderful !

This Pirate Ghost was made in one of my indulgent moments and although he has been much admired he still hasn't found a home. Of course ,as most of my dolls end up living in dolls houses, you can see why it may be hard to find a place for him !

So I have decided I will give him away to anyone who has a vivid imagination and feels they can give him a good home.
If you think this is you then please enter the giveaway.
All you have to do is come up with a name for this Pirate. He was a Pirate Captain before his ship hit rocks and was sunk. He was half eaten by piranha fish before he drowned in his valiant struggle to swim to shore. ( this is why he has no lips and his teeth and some skull are visible )
Now he stands guard for eternity by his sunken treasure chest. The wooden chest is filled with treasure and set on a base decorated with sand, coral and real seashells. I carved a half a ships wheel to set in the sand and there are the remnants of the jolly roger flag behind the chest.

To enter simply comment on this blog, or leave a comment on my FB page telling me what you think the Pirate Ghost should be named .
The winner will be drawn  on Sunday 6th April , good luck !
Julie xxx


Ara said...

Captain Guile, trickiest pirate to ever live. No man could outsmart him so the job was left to an unshakable rock. He too is an amazing sculpt! Love the grin!

malu2 said...
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malu2 said...

Hola Julie
Yo le pondría Capitán Henry Kidd, creo que le quedaría muy bien.
Besos de las Malu´s.

Linda said...

Love your work! I like the name Captain Jack!

julie campbell said...

Hello Ara, your name is now in the draw , good luck !

julie campbell said...

Hello Malu, your name is in the draw, good luck !

julie campbell said...

Thanks linda, your name has been added, good luck !

Simona said...

Beautiful doll!! Very lucky the person that will win. I don't want to enter the giveaway, just wanted to admire your doll.

Helen Sowerby said...

But that wasn't the end of the story, below the waves a curious mermaid found the Pirate Captain and was intrigued by his toothy grin. She filled his mouth with bladder-wrack and attached a magic starfish to his coat, and now as long as he doesn't lose the starfish, he can walk around the seabed whenever he wishes.

He found the wreck of one of his deadly enemies ships' just half a mile from where his treasure chest rests and is now taking a great deal of pleasure in converting it into his undersea home. He hopes, in time that the beautiful mermaid will come to join him, in the meantime he's trying to tame 2 seahorses to pull his conch shell carriage and convince a nearby dog-fish to provide security.
He's been down here so long he's forgotten his old name but never his rank because being a captain is so essentially what he is. So now, like Doctor Who he simply says "My name is 'the Captain'" whenever anyone asks. (Which they don't, because the mermaid only speaks Merrese and he's rubbish at languages!)

julie campbell said...

Thank you Simona :)
julie xx

julie campbell said...

I loved reading your end to the story Helen, wonderful ! Your name is in the draw, good luck :)
julie xx

nicole said...

Knuckle Bones Gil, known to his friends as Captain Gildroy Cardren the meanest card shark on the seven seas, both above and below the waves.

julie campbell said...

Great name Nicole, you have been entered into the draw , good luck !
Julie x

Leilani said...

To me he looks like The Famous Captain Skully. He is awesome!

julie campbell said...

Thank you Leilani , your name is in the draw ! good luck
julie x