Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Back from Germany and Wish List news !

I am back from Germany exhibiting at the 1 zu 12 show.
The show  was wonderful, lots of happy customers ( and exhibitors ! ) so big thanks to Barbara for organising such a great event !
This photo shows my stand at the start of the show, by the end of the show there werent many dolls left !

Wish List News !
I have had lots of requests for commissions after having to close my commission book due to demand last year.
After talking to customers at the Spring shows and giving it much thought, I have decided to start a wish list.
I think this will work well, unlike a commission there is no time deadline and no obligation to purchase. 
Quite simply you let me know what you would like and if I think I can do justice to it then I will make it when I have time in between shows .
If whoever wished for the dolls changes their mind then thats okay , I can then sell the doll online or at a show.
I would welcome your thoughts on this so feel free to contact me , and of course if you would like to add your name to the wish list just let me know.
I have added a page with details of how to contact me and there is also a link on the sidebar.
julie x