Sunday, 27 July 2014

This-a-way , That-a-way , which way ?

 We are having a glorious summer here in the UK . It's been too hot  in the shed and there have been lots of distractions to keep me from making my usual xmas in july dolls !  My husband had a hip replacement operation a few weeks ago and I was all set to be nursing him at home for a few weeks.   However , he has made a really amazing recovery, so with my nursing not being needed and with the help of my big electric fan I am busy working on new dolls for the Autumn shows :) 

 This year I will be at  Miniatura , Birmingham , UK September 20th and 21st
DHN show, Holland , October 25th and  26th
Kensington Xmas festival Novemer 29th

If you can come along please say hello !
I am working on some witches right now with Hallowe'en in mind.
This which way witch just cant decide which way to go and doesnt really care too much !
here she is sitting on an old tree trunk deciding wether she should go thisaway or thataway or just rest for a while .
I will be previewing a lot of the Autumn fair dolls here over the coming weeks so pop back often to see which new characters will be on my table this Autumn.
julie xxx

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