Monday, 15 June 2015

The Mad Hatter's Work of Art

 One of the highlights of spring on my calendar is the Kensington dollshouse festival which is held each May.
This year was no exception and it was a wonderful show !
It was so nice to meet old friends and customers and make new ones too , I sold almost all the dolls on my table and will now be very busy making new dolls for the Autumn shows.
 This year there was a special event at the show , the Perfection in Miniature Awards. 
We were encouraged to make something a little different to showcase our skills and these photos are of my entry , The Mad Hatter's work of art.

 It really was fun to take part and it was wonderful to see all the amazing entries.
 I think all of us agreed that the winning entries were very well deserved  with first place going to the tiniest most perfect swiss army knife by Laurence and Angela St.Leger,
The entries can be seen on the shows website

 I  have always loved drawing and painting. The picture with the hatter is my first miniature painting, and hopefully not my last ,  and is based around the song the Mad Hatter sang for the Queen of Hearts in " Alice's adventures in Wonderland" , Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat !
 Now I  have some time between shows , my next two will be Miniatura in October 2015 and Kensington Xmas Festival in December 2015.
Time to work on commissions and take a little time out to enjoy the summer !
julie x