Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Spring has arrived along with some new characters !

Spring has finally arrived and it has been lovely in the shed being able to work with sun streaming through the windows !
I have a few more characters to preview before Miniatura, the first of the Spring shows

The Dowager needs no introduction ! I am a  fan of  Downton Abbey and have enjoyed recreating some of the characters over the last few years. This is my new Dowager and she will be available at Miniatura alongside Mrs Patmore.

Another favourite character is Miss Marple and this is my version of her as played by the wonderful actress Margaret Ruttherford

I really enjoyed making this litte lady , I also made her hat and handbag !

The old fisherman is a character from my imagination.  He would look wonderful sitting outside a fishermans cottage or a pub !
Of course he would happily sit anywhere so would loo just as good reading his newspaper in a comfy chair or perhaps sitting at the kitchen table .

All these dolls will be at Miniatura.
I have had an incredibly busy start to the year so I am now closing my order book .
I am booked up well into 2017 so I wont be taking any more orders until I have honoured all outstanding ones.
I will post here and on my facebook page if and when I am able to take on more orders.
In the mean time I will be listing in my Etsy shop between shows and you can purchase directly from me at Miniatura this Spring and Autumn and at the  Kensington Dolls House festival in May and at the  Christmas show