Friday, 3 February 2017

Some new dolls and some old !

I  cant believe its already February 2017 ! 
So here we are with some new dolls and some old which I didnt get around to showing here .
The David Beckham Genie has to be one of the most unusual commissions I've been asked to make but he was a lot of fun to do and I got to spend lots of time looking at photos of the handsome Mr. Beckham so no complaints from me ....

Miss Peregrine and the twins I made purely for fun. I had been to see the movie and was struck by the imagery . I couldn't resist making a few of the characters .

The old witch is a new character who will be available on my table this March  at Miniatura show , Birmingham NEC.
I often use a real face as inspiration when sculpting a character . The inspiration behind this one was the lovely and sadly now departed actress Liz Smith . 
I'll be back with more new characters soon
Julie x


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