Tuesday, 14 July 2020

A very special Joint project !

I have always admired the work of Patrick Duclou.His miniature buildings and vehicles are beautifully crafted with exquisite detail.
When Patrick asked me last year if I would like to create some characters for a project he had in mind I was delighted .
It was to be a long distance project as Patrick was in France and I in the UK so it was fitting that the project involved transport too.
A true travelling project !

We decided to go ahead with our project in early 2020Patrick would create the vehicle, a beautiful stage coach or as Patrick calls it Park Drag, and I would  create the characters .
We had in mind a picture by Cecil Aldin, a winter scene of a mail coach with passengers and we quickly agreed on what kind of characters we wanted, a combination of Charles Dickens's and Cecil Aldin's.

I had always loved the Dickensian period so was very much looking forward to creating the passengers for the coach in Dickensian style . Each would have their own character to bring life to the scene .

For the coach, Patrick had in mind a coach he had seen in a great French blog about driving horses. You can visit here  if you are interested in all aspects of traditional driving

After designing , building and painting the coach

Patrick made the harnesses for 4 grey horses

I couldnt believe how real it all looked !
Patrick gave me measurements and I made a cardboard seat to test the dolls for size .
These little people had their own stories to tell.
The first dolls I created were the old woman who had fallen asleep in spite of the cold weather and the bad road ! lets hope she wont fall from the roof of the coach !


Her travelling companionwas rather amused but trying not to show it  .....

Despite knowing they would have a blanlet to cover them , I still made detaailed costumes for them

Then the coach man. You can't ignore that only a little a bit of brandy can protect him from getting a cold. I gave him a ruddy complexion and of course some thick mittens 
to protect his hands as he held the reins
That must have been a great experience to travel on a coach for hours, rain or shine... or snow and hail!

When they stop at a small inn, 2 more passengers join them.

 A younger couple, very smartly dressed and just married. She looks shy and her cheeks are red from cold. Her companion has a lovely small moustache that gives him an aristocratic look

 They were a little late for the coach as right in the midst of our project lockdown happened around the world and I was unable to post anything .

During lockdown Patrick and I kept in touch and enjoyed chatting about our project and our individual projects too !
as soon as it was safe to post I did and it was wonderful to see all the characters together on the coach

Now they are ready to go... ! 

You can imagine the other passengers inside the coach, protected from the cold and the hazzards of the road!

Thank you Patrick , Ive really enjoyed working on this fantastic  project with you !

You can see more of Patricks work and read his write up of the project here