Special Pieces

Special Pieces

Every now and then I work on an extra special piece where I create not only the doll but also a vignette 
I like to set a scene and use unusual display cases to create a stand alone one of a kind piece.
 Some of them are showcased on this page.

The Mad Hatters Work of Art

Waiting for the train 

Santas workshop

Marie Antoinette

Hansel and Gretel

This is one of my early pieces of work but still a favourite.

 Sing a Song of Sixpence Vignette

I created a book box vignette for the maid hanging out the clothes, the blackbird is swooping down to peck off her nose !

The king and queen are seated at the table, made from wood by myself and stained to look authentic.
 The Queen was of course eating bread and honey....
 The king looks suitably delighted with the blackbird pie !
 Cook looks more than a little surprised at the blackbirds escaping from her well cooked pie ( the pie was made by the talented Mags of Magsnificent Miniatures )

 Little Red Riding Hood Vignette

 I created the scene in a card book blank, hand painting the background and making a tree from wire and paper.  The characters are sculpted from polymer clay in 12th scale .

The Puppet Master

This was an intricate piece to work on with hours of work in each tiny puppet ,all of which can be displayed seperately. I created the puppet theatre which attaches to his back and has a punch and judy theme with hand puppets.

Mother Goose
Mother Goose and her Goose are both sculpted from polymer clay, the goose is sculpted over a sstrong metal armature for strength. 
both are displayed on painted card book blanks

Alice with Marottes
I created this teenage Alice from polymer clay. The marottes are sculpted in the image of the mad hatter and the white rabbit and can be displayed seperately.

The old clock maker
The clockmaker was sculpted from polymer clay in 12th scale . 
The worktable was distressed and stained by myself and I then created the accessories with wood and real watch parts .