Period Characters

Period Characters

Each figure is one of a kind, sculpted from polymer clay . They are then costumed in historically accurate clothing .
I design all the costumes myself , referring to historic fashipon plates and costume books for guidance in getting the details right.

The Dowager 

 Victorian Pedlar
This character comes complete with a tray of haberdashery items. I use a mixture of antique lace and silk ribbon to create an authentic array of fabrics.

Feed the Birds

Victorian Maid

Victorian Cook

The French Maid



Victorian Butcher


An Edwardian Lady

This fashionable Edwardian lady is wearing a beautiful hat to match her day dress. I make the hats myself but once placed on a doll they aren't removeable.

Lady Mary 
Downton Abbey inspired portrait, Lady Mary's costume is based on a dress she wore during the TV series, simplified a little to work in miniature.


 Edwardian Sailor Boy
This sweet little boy is dressed in a popular outfit of the day, the sailor suit .

 Miss Audrey
Inspired by the TV series "The Paradise" Miss Audrey is dressed in a rather austere outfit befitting a shop assistant in charge of ladies wear in the Victorian era. her costume is based on the original  worn in the series.


Another Downton Abbey inspired doll, Anna is dressed in a typical parlour maid costume.

 The Dowager
The Dowager is a character I often repeat, she is a lot of fun to sculpt and of course wears the most beautiful costumes which i am always keen to replicate in miniature !