About me

I am a self taught artist, having learned everything by a lot of trial and a fair bit of error !
 As far back as I remember I have been making little things.
As an imaginative child I would make tiny dolls to live in matchboxes, finger puppets, peg dolls and rag dolls. I was a voracious reader and would try to bring characters from the stories I read to life.
 If I couldnt make them then I would draw them and would spend hours sketching .
  I progressed to making over Barbie, Tressy and Daisy dolls, designing and sewing outfits and giving them radical hair cuts..... 
Things havent  changed that much really !
Miniatures really caught my imagination when my own children were very young .Of course once  I started collecting I started making, first  miniature accessories and furniture and then dolls .
I have been making miniature dolls for many years now and can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute !
I achieved Artisan status with I.G.M.A in 2009


My work can be purchased through my online  shop (see the link on my homepage )
I no longer exhibit at fairs preferring to take my time creating  and sell my dolls online .
I can be contacted by email at belljulie1@aol.com

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In my spare time I collect bigger vintage dolls. I restore vintage fashion dolls and customise and repaint too.
You can see my other work on instagram