Ghost Dolls

Ghost Dolls

I have always loved anything and everything spooky. From the excitement of Hallowe'en to the thrill of reading a  ghost story  I just love a haunting !  I think miniature houses should not be exempt from hauntings so here are just some of the miniature ghosts I have created .
I have my own special recipe of clays so that my ghosts glow in the dark yet still look ethereal , not green !

The Red Shoes Ghost 
Inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, the ghost of the young girl dances on even in death.

The ghost of Jacob Marley

Pennywise the clown from It 

Still knitting ....

The Ballerina Ghost



Ghost of Alice




The Laughing Man

Ghost of the Mad Hatter

Peek a boo !

  The Pirate Ghost

Georgian  Ghost