About the dolls

I love the whole process of doll making. From the initial idea itself to completing the doll I enjoy every step .
I sculpt each character from polymer clay, I take a lot of time working out the facial expression to suit the character and as I am sculpting I am already deciding on the colouring and hairstyle the doll will have.
I paint with genesis heat set oils. They are wonderful and really natural colouring can be achieved with them.
I usually have an idea of how the doll will be dressed but often this changes at this point. The dolls character really becomes clear after the painting and often they turn out to be quite different to how I planned them !
I like my characters to have some movement so they usually have poseable arms and legs.
The costumes are handsewn onto the dolls, they cant be removed . I use natural fabrics, fine cottons, muslins and silks and strive for as much realism as possible. I also like to dye a lot of my own fabrics
I prefer to work in 12th scale , although every now and then I do something smaller and I do enjoy making tiny toys to accessorise my dolls.
Each doll has my initials on its right foot and comes with a custom made clear acrylic stand for secure display.
All dolls have a signed certificate of authenticity

I exhibit at both Spring and Autumn Miniatura and at  Kensington Dolls house Festival and Christmas Festival were you can meet me and  purchase directly from me . I update the  " shows " page with dates of each fair  so you can put them in your diary !
I also have dolls available in between shows in my Etsy shop . please follow the link on the main page to go directly to my shop.
Subscribers to my mailing list receive advance notification of dolls available in my Etsy shop